Gluten Free Products

Frequently Asked Questions – Gluten Free at Great Harvest Bread Co.
View our FAQ for details on the Wheat Free versus Gluten Free label on our products, our motivation for adding a Wheat Free line to our menu, and how we avoid cross-contamination with other products containing wheat.

Gluten Free Bread Owner’s Manual
Whether you’re a long-time Gluten Free consumer or new to the Gluten Free lifestyle, this will guide you in-depth through the ingredients used in a Gluten Free product, the nutritional benefits, and the baking methods and schedules we implement.

Gluten Free Product Information Sheet
Our Gluten Free menu extends beyond the typical varieties of bread. We bake everything from cookies to pizza crusts to hot dog buns to muffins. The Product Information Sheet displays the pricing for each Gluten Free item available and also provides ordering instructions.

Monthly Gluten Free Baking Schedule – “Baker’s Gluten Free Choice”
In addition to all of the Gluten Free products listed on the Product Information Sheet, we also bake special flavors each month, which we refer to as “Baker’s Gluten Free Choice.” See the schedule below for the Baker’s Gluten Free Choice offerings in November.